After his daughter’s complaint about threats, Alberto Ferriols was raided and they found an arsenal of weapons

Just a few weeks ago it became known that betina Y Noeliathe daughters of the deceased Beatrice Solomondenounced for threats with a firearm to his own father, the mediatic doctor Alberto Ferriols.

As a result of the case that the young women initiated in the 3A police station of the City Police, the Justice ordered two raids on homes linked to Ferriols, his home and his office, and they found a surprising arsenal of weapons, knives, ammunition and handcuffs.

panelist Pampas Monaco gave all the details of the news in “us in the morning“: “The police found an arsenal, a large number of weapons in Sarachaga’s house. They tell me that the weapons are legalized and accredited. So far there is a large amount of ammunition and between eight and eleven weapons of different calibers”.

“7.40 begins the search for two orders in the framework of a complaint of domestic violence. The complaint would be for a threat with one of the weapons in the house”, explained.

So, Charles Monty gave context of the situation that the young women were going through: “The girls lived with Ferriols due to Beatriz’s death and Betrina escapes to an uncle’s house where she recounts the whole situation. They report her and immediately give her an anti-panic button“.

And Monaco closed by sharing a sharp hypothesis about the legal future of the mediatic doctor: “There is an unregistered weapon so he will surely go to jail for the weapon and for the threats”.

Look at everything about the raid on Dr. Alberto Ferriols!

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