After her stillbirth: Maya leaves Vander "Selling Sunset"

Maya Vander breaks up with TV for now! A few days ago, the Selling Sunset actress announced that she lost another child after her stillbirth in December 2021. She was nine weeks pregnant when it was found that the baby had no heartbeat. Processing all of this costs money Maya much power. Now she is said to be retiring from “Selling Sunset”.

As opposed to several insiders from the Netflix series production circles TMZ tell, will Maya not appear in season six. Instead, she is said to want to focus on her family. However, the 40-year-old does not want to give up her job as a real estate agent completely, but instead only wants to work in Miami from now on. Because in the long run, commuting to the “Selling Sunset” production site in Los Angeles was not feasible for her because of her small children Elle and Aiden. Nevertheless, she loved the time on the set.

Despite their severe setbacks there Maya the hope of being able to hold a third child in their arms at some point. She also suspects that getting pregnant again would help her deal with the grief. “I believe part of the healing process is getting pregnant again”she said in the “Selling Sunset”-Reunion show.

The Season 5 “Selling Sunset” cast

Instagram / thememayavander

Maya Vander and her two children in March 2022 in Miami

Instagram / thememayavander

Maya Vander and her husband in July 2021

Do you think Maya will comment on the whole thing anytime soon?

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