After having a daughter, influencer turns to boxing to eliminate weight and change her body: “Instagram Mom”

With more than 879 thousand followers on Instagram, the influencer Michele Soel said that boxing was essential to “change her body, self-esteem and confidence” after the birth of her daughter.

Nicknamed “Instagram Mom” by her admirers, she trains two to three times a week:

“In addition to sending stress away, boxing has numerous benefits, both physical and psychological. Discipline, posture, cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility, all of this goes well with him”, explained Michele.

Owner of a very thin waist, one of her trademarks, Michele said that boxing is an option for women who want to feel more secure: “Just knowing and being aware of them, self-confidence comes and the fear of stopping or being weak is even further away”, he commented.

She added: “I try to move more for my health as I know I have more energy when I train. Discovering boxing has further changed my body, my self-esteem and my self-confidence,” she added.

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