After guardianship ends: Britney Spears wants parents to go to jail

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After the end of guardianship
Britney Spears wants parents to go to jail

Over the weekend, Britney Spears will celebrate the end of her guardianship, for which she believes her parents should be jailed. She would now like to use her newfound freedom to fight the “corrupt system” on behalf of other victims as well.

After the end of her guardianship, Britney Spears thanked her fans via social media. She also threatens her family with further details and makes big plans.

After a terrific weekend with champagne, which she raved about on Instagram, the singer published a video in which she addressed her fans directly. They would ask her what she plans to do now. “Very good question,” starts Spears and explains that at the moment she is mostly grateful for the little things: having the key to her car, having cash and being able to buy candles.

“I did not forget anything”

But with her new freedom she also has big plans: She wants to stand up for people with “real disabilities and real diseases” and change the “corrupt system” in the long term. She hopes that her story will change something about that: “I’m a really strong woman, I can’t even imagine what the system did to these people.”

The 39-year-old also writes about the video that she would like to put things right with Oprah Winfrey – and threatens her parents. “I haven’t even mentioned all the bad things they did to me that they should all go to jail for – yes, my mother who goes to church, too! I’m used to peace for the family to keep and keep my mouth shut … But not this time … I haven’t forgotten anything and I hope you will see this tonight and know exactly what I mean. “

Grateful for #FreeBritney

At the end of the video, Spears also thanks the #FreeBritney movement: “Honestly, I think you saved my life in a way, one hundred percent.”

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Judge Brenda Penny lifted guardianship in Los Angeles on Friday. She had complied with a request from the singer’s lawyers at a hearing. Spears’ attorney Mathew Rosengart then spoke of a “monumental day” in front of the courthouse. As of today, Spears is a free woman who can now determine her own life.

At the same time, he repeated earlier allegations against the singer’s father. Jamie Spears has enriched himself with the daughter’s million dollar fortune. The decision now lies with Britney Spears, whether she wants to take legal action against her father. The singer’s net worth is estimated at around $ 60 million.

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