After great mystery about Princess Charlene: Now French media are writing about wild and secret contract

The mystery of what has happened to Monaco’s Princess Charlene continues after she reappeared in the spotlight the other day after being absent for almost a year.

Her husband, Prince Albert, has explained her absence with serious illness, but now several French media outlets are reporting that he is allegedly paying her to stand by his side.

It is the French media Voici, which in the latest issue of the magazine writes that Prince Albert has agreed to an agreement that Princess Charlene will receive more than 12 million euros (equivalent to 90 million kroner) a year, if she can be found again his side again on official occasions.

According to Voici, the prince has entered into a confidential contract with his princess, in which several terms of the agreement are enshrined.

Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques have had to do without their mother for a long time.

Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques have had to do without their mother for a long time.
Photo: POOL

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The French media Paris Match quotes Voici for the news of the contract, which Prince Albert and the Prince’s House in Monaco, however, did not want to comment or confirm.

If the rumors are true, they add an extra dimension to the already startling serial about Princess Charlene’s mysterious illness and surprisingly long absence.

It was during a trip to her home country of South Africa that the princess last year reportedly became so ill that she could not return home to Monaco for over half a year.

The official explanation from the palace in Monaco was that the 44-year-old princess, who has a past as an elite and Olympic swimmer, had contracted a serious nose swallow infection during the trip to South Africa, which resulted in several operations. The operations also allegedly prevented the princess from flying.

Along the way, however, speculation has been huge. Several media outlets have wondered if the prince and princess were in fact getting divorced – a story that was further fueled by the fact that prior to the couple’s wedding, a story flourished that Charlene had tried to run away and had been stopped at the airport.

And it did not get any better when Charlene returned to Monaco at the end of October, but after 11 days was again admitted to a clinic in Switzerland.

In an interview with People magazine, the prince said that it was neither cancer, corona, problems after plastic surgery nor problems in the relationship that were his wife’s challenges.

‘I’ll probably say this many times, but this has nothing to do with our relationship. I would like to emphasize that. There are no problems with our relationship – not with the relationship between husband and wife. This is of a different nature, “the 63-year-old prince explained.

Prince Albert's sisters have helped him with the children.

Prince Albert’s sisters have helped him with the children.
Photo: Eric Gaillard

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The princess’ hospitalization in Switzerland explained to the palace that she suffered from severe exhaustion – both of a physical and mental nature.

After that, the outside world got virtually no sign of life from the blonde princess for several months. At the official events attended by the royal family, Prince Albert was seen with the couple’s nine-year-old twins, Prince Jaques and Princess Gabrielle, who were often accompanied by the prince’s sisters, Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanié.

Not even at Christmas time did a fresh picture come out of Princess Charlene with the family that the princely house usually sends out. Instead, the many royal followers had to settle for a drawn portrait of the family.

The princess’ long absence gave rise to further speculation, but just as suddenly the princess reappeared.

The first time was in a picture from Easter three weeks ago, and then she suddenly stood to everyone’s surprise by Prince Albert’s side at the motor race The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship in Monaco, where she was surrounded by her husband, Prince Albert and the couple’s children .

Since then, she has also appeared in public at a rugby match. And if one is to believe Voici, then the public will see much more of the Princess in the future.

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