After going to the hospital, Bernardina Brito ‘rests’ fans and shoots: “It must be evil eye or oc*****o”

Bernardina Brito used social media in the early hours of Tuesday, May 10, to share how her night was spent. The businesswoman published a photo at the hospital, next to her husband, Pedro Almeida, both on IV.

After receiving many messages of concern, Bernardina Brito then decided to contextualize the fans about her health status.

Through a video shared in the Stories of her Instagram account, the former competitor of “Casa dos Segredos” revealed that, after some strong cramps, they both decided to go to the hospital, where they were medicated.

“It started with Pedro, about 4 days ago (…) the next day I also have the same cramps, pain, nausea, dizziness, very cold”began by saying. “We were still walking, but yesterday (…) we decided to go to the hospital and were immediately medicated”.

Bernardina Brito revealed that it was a case of gastroenteritis and that today they both feel “a little better”: “It remains for us to have patience and courage and go to the witch. This shit must be the evil eye or the guy can only but that’s it, despite everything, thank you for your affection”.

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