After “enjoyment”, Luciana Abreu responds (with class) to Joana Marques

Luciana Abreu and Joana Marques have been “exchanging pennants” on social media recently. A month ago, Luciana Abreu left a “criticism” in Domingão that was understood as an indirection to Joana Marques, as you can recall here.

Last Sunday, November 14th, Luciana Abreu presented “Domingão” wearing dark glasses, due to conjunctivitis, later explaining what happened on social networks.

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However, when she shared on social media, instead of “conjunctivitis”, she wrote “conjunctivitis”, and the lapse did not go unnoticed by Joana Marques: “Fortunately I never had a congiuntivitis”, it could be read in the stories on the comedian’s Instagram account.

This Thursday, November 18, Luciana Abreu resorted to social media to respond to Joana Marques, and with “fair-play” she wrote: “Very good, Joana Marques. It even gave me congiuntivitis in my fingers. A kiss”.

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