After enigmatic publication, Helena Costa clarifies: “It is neither indirect, nor is it ‘barb’”

Last Tuesday, June 21st, Helena Costa took to social media to share an outburst on the topic of “divorce”. The publication generated some rumors that the actress could be throwing “barbs” at her ex-husband (as we tell you here).

In the “enigmatic” post, it was possible to reflect on divorce and the fact of being in a relationship in which the partner does not give due value: “Divorce is ok. Ending a relationship is ok. Starting over is ok. Moving on is ok. What’s not ok is being with someone who doesn’t appreciate and value you.”

The press quickly associated the publication with a possible “barb” for her ex-husband, however, this Wednesday, June 22, Helena Costa resorted to the stories of her personal Instagram account to clarify:

“Regarding this sentence that I posted yesterday, it has nothing to do with any specific situation, nor is it indirect, nor is it ‘barb’ as they are reporting. I think it’s bad for the media to infer without knowledge of cause or infer based on what they imagine. Fact: we are all well, happy and engaged in our lives.”started by writing.

Helena Costa also took the opportunity to write beautiful words for her followers: “I really like those who follow me around here and know me, I usually say that I don’t know what hate is on my instagram and I’m very proud of you all”finished.

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