After Cyril Hanouna, Éric Naulleau turns on MP Louis Boyard and talks about his salary: "He was one of my columnists on Balance ton post and he was…"

A sequence that is not about to be forgotten… This Thursday, November 10, a subject on the Ocean King, ship on which are migrants saved from drowning a few days ago which will soon land in Toulon, turned to the tragedy when Louis Boyard, LFI deputy and ex-columnist of Balance Your Post, attacked Vincent Bolloré and Cyril Hanouna. Indeed, the young politician deviated from the main subject of the debate when he accused the billionaire of being on trial because of deforestation in Africa.

A statement not really understood by the host. “Deputy? Go back down three floors Louis Boyard, you are a deputy but you were a columnist here… You can say anything you want but why did you come then?”, dropped the troublemaker of the PAF at first before his guest added a layer. After several minutes of incomprehension and cries from both sides, the deputy finally made the choice to leave the set to attack Cyril Hanouna and his teams through his Twitter account, a few seconds later.

Eric Naulleau sides with Cyril Hanouna and clashes with Louis Boyard

“On #TPMP, Cyril Hanouna has just insulted me for having criticized Bolloré, owner of his channel. Cyril Hanouna is as irresponsible with freedom of expression as with the far right. France is taking a worrying turn”, he wrote, still very upset. A statement that did not fail to react. Whether on the side of haters or “supporters” of Cyril Hanouna. Among this last category, Éric Naulleau.

The essayist and host of Balance your post knows Louis Boyard well because he was one of his columnists when he hosted his show on C8. And for him, the LFI deputy would spit in the soup. “Louis Boyard, however, had no problem collecting his salary when he worked for C8, a channel owned by Vincent Bolloré. He was notably one of my columnists at Balance Ton Post”he wrote on his Twitter account before dropping a final killer tackle: “And it was very bad!”

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