After criticism of the T-Rex: “Jurassic World 3” director reacts to fan anger

“Jurassic” fans have criticized the handling of the T-Rex “Jurassic World 3”. Now the director has commented on the fan criticism.

– Warning: Spoilers follow for “Jurassic World: A New Age”! –

Of the Tyrannosaurus Rex has been inextricably linked to the Dino franchise since “Jurassic Park” and is even part of the iconic lettering. So some fans think that “Jurassic World: A New Era” does not do justice to the importance of the T-Rex. After all, the dino is only seen briefly in the film.

On Twitter became a director Colin Trevorrow asked by a fan that the Tyrannosaurus Rex in Jurassic World: A New Age seems so weak again, despite being the face of the franchise. After all, the T-Rex fights the Gigantosaurus at the end of the film and falls down in between, before the Dino Lady stands up again and kills her opponent. To which Trevorrow replies:

“I understand the feeling. It’s important to note that the T-Rex has an average lifespan of 28 years, so our Rexy would be at the end of her life in ‘A New Age’. Even at this age she found the strength to stand up and avenge her own death 65 million years later. Sometimes revenge takes time.”

Unfortunately, Trevorrow’s explanation of the scene as Rexy’s act of revenge doesn’t quite add up. Although old age explains why the dinosaur seems weaker, the moment refers to the five-minute prologue of the film, which unfortunately is not part of “Jurassic World 3”, but only available online. You can see him here:

That’s why the prologue is missing in “Jurassic World 3”

In it you can see how the T-Rex was killed by a Gigantosaurus 65 million years ago and the DNA was found that was used to breed the dinosaur we know. A large part of the viewers should not know the prologue and be confused accordingly.

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Opposite to The Wrap the director explained why the beginning, reminiscent of works by Terrance Malick (“The Tree of Life”), is missing in the film:

“Maybe too Malicky for a big summer movie. It was the beginning of the film, the first five minutes of the film and something I’m very proud of. In our negotiations as to how long this film can be, and it’s still quite a long film, we found that it didn’t fit. Universal supported my request to make the prologue available to everyone for free so people can watch it as an introduction to our world.”

At least he hints that there will probably be a director’s cut that also includes the prologue. While that doesn’t solve the many issues fans have with the film, it does make the final confrontation between the two dinosaurs easier to understand.

How well do you know the Dino franchise?

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