After ‘criticism’, Cristina Ferreira gives an “answer” to Rúben da Cruz: “Because some people don’t understand…”

The controversy surrounding the Boa Nova couple, who this week was “caught” talking on the phone with their son, has grown over the days, and on Thursday afternoon, Cristina Ferreira finally broke the silence on the subject. .

The presenter of “Big Brother” justified the exception that was given to the couple to be able to communicate daily with their son: “The best interest of the child was the only thing that guided TVI and Endemol in letting them hear the voice of their parents”, can be read.

“And it’s not about favoritism, because there is no sharing of information. It’s about empathy and humanity. They’re people. And we don’t know how to do it any other way. Teams are also made up of people. And luckily with the heart in the right place. 🇧🇷“, added Cristina Ferreira.

Rúben da Cruz, a former competitor who dropped out of the program, spoke to TVGuia and confessed: “I left because I miss the Savior [filho]🇧🇷 It was the engine that triggered my departure. But Rúben and Tatiana dealt with it before… I don’t condemn because the boy seems to have problems”.

Cristina Ferreira seems to respond to the former competitor, since hours after having made the publication, she ended up editing it leaving a message: “Ah, because some people don’t understand, we’re not talking about homesickness”can be read.

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