After controversy, Liliana Aguiar receives a message of support and shoots: “Being a Christian is not easy but I don’t give up…”

Liliana Aguiar has been “under fire” on social media after posting a video (which has since been deleted) in which she confessed about the division of tasks and responsibilities between men and women.

“Woman, if you are at home and you have a man who, in a way, humiliates you, mistreats you or is even constantly saying “you earn little, you have to go to work more” (…). You’re not the one who has to go to work anymore. You have to tell him that he has to go to work more and earn more because a man’s obligation is to pay the house bills”revealed Liliana Aguiar.

Criticism did not take long, and the topic became a “trend” on Twitter. In the midst of the controversy, the businesswoman ended up receiving support from a follower, and made a point of sharing the message on social networks: ““Hello Liliana, I agree with you. I really think it was a problem of expression and, obviously, people took advantage of it because they hate hearing the difference between men and women. Stay firm”wrote the follower in question.

Liliana Aguiar added: “There is someone with credibility .. being a Christian is not easy but I don’t give up”, can be read.

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