After controversy, Inês Simões defends Cristina Ferreira and ‘attacks’ critics: “And when you don’t understand this…”

Cristina Ferreira was again “under fire” on the night of this Sunday, November 20, after having spoken out about the controversy that took place two weeks ago, when Tatiana Boa Nova was “caught” talking to her son.

The “benefit” in relation to program colleagues was justified by the production and by the presenter, who at the gala this Sunday returned to talk about the topic: “And yes, they are repeat nerds. And yes, they were invited in and yes all contestants have a contract. And yes, each contract of each competitor only concerns them“.

The phrase raised a new wave of criticism of TVI’s “boss”. Inês Simões did not hesitate to defend Cristina Ferreira and on social media she explained her point of view, launching a “peck” at critics.

“The difference between this program and all the others is that Love and Empathy will ALWAYS be a priority!! And when this is not understood, it is because Humanity still has a long way to go!!” it can be read.

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