After controversy, Helena Isabel exposes ‘threat’ and responds: “Measure the words…”

Helena Isabel is “under fire” after this Monday afternoon, November 21, having made comments on the “Última Hora” program of “Big Brother” about Bárbara Parada.

“It’s embarrassing, just like Barbara saying ‘regarding the body, this and that’ and if you go to Barbara’s Instagram, you’ll realize perfectly well that nothing matches what she said“, he begins to explain.

“If I have reservations about my physique, I will not expose myself in a way that is sometimes a little ordinary and frivolous on a social network […] When the person has reservations about showing certain things, it has to be consistent. You have insecurities in your body, you are not going to expose your body“, confessed yet.

Criticism rose in tone on social networks, with many Internet users showing themselves to be uncomfortable with the content of the jurist’s comments: “This Helena is very low, saying that Bárbara has ordinary photographs. The girl who will present the program with her breasts almost all out“, “I am ashamed of you, you are sad and uneducated” or “These comments are serious. Not because I’m Barbara, whoever she is with! He calls into question the veracity of a life curve because of Instagram photos where he thinks the competitor is too exposed“can be read.

Later, and through the stories of her Instagram account, Helena Isabel exposed a “threatening” message and responded.

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