After censorship, Filipa Nascimento once again shared a topless photo: “It’s sad and shameful…”

Filipa Nascimento used social media on the afternoon of Friday, January 7th, to share an “artistic” and “daring” record on her Instagram account.

In just a few minutes, the photograph he had captured in the mirror and topless gathered thousands of positive reactions. However, the record ended up disappearing from the feed of the actress for “Amor Amor”, on SIC, who today re-shared the photo and showed indignation at the censorship she was subjected to.

“A man shares a naked torso photo on Instagram and is, at best, confident and sexy. A woman shares a photo with part of a visible breast and is hunting likes and has the image denounced”, start by writing.

“It is sad and shameful that we live in a sexist, petty, reductive society… these and other adjectives came to my mind after seeing this photograph of mine being censored because there are still very unhappy minds”, also underlines the actress.

“We would be so much happier, all of us, if we accepted each other, if we didn’t judge so much, if we could face our prejudices and weak thoughts”, can still read.

It seems like a very tired subject, but apparently not enough. Otherwise, complaints about not being able to stand seeing a woman in her most sensual side did not happen. It was good that in 2022 we no longer had double standards in gender issues. 🙌🏽”, concluded the actress.

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