After carnival and TV appearances: Guido Cantz was infected with Corona

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After carnival and TV shows
Guido Cantz was infected with Corona

The corona virus continues to spread – even among celebrities. Charlotte Würdig has just announced that she and her two children are infected. Now your moderator colleague Guido Cantz has also become infected. He doesn’t know where, how or when.

Anyone who switched on the television on Thursday evening could see Guido Cantz on Günther Jauch’s council chair. In a celebrity special from “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” As part of the RTL donation marathon, the moderator and comedian raised 32,000 euros for a good cause. And he teased one of his prominent comrades-in-arms who was sitting right next to him: “Is Jürgen von der Lippe still alive? You haven’t heard from him for a long time!”

However, the 50-year-old was probably far less in the mood for jokes when this news was brought to him: Cantz was infected with the corona virus. He himself announced that he tested positive on his Instagram page.

He is now in domestic isolation, explains Cantz to his fans and followers. At the same time, he reassured: “I’m fine and I have only mild symptoms.”

Shooting canceled

Because of his infection, he had to prematurely stop filming for a production for the station Sat.1 in Europa-Park Rust, explains the moderator. He had been vaccinated twice and had tested himself daily for the past 14 days. A PCR test was negative before his arrival. The on-site team “always behaved in an exemplary manner according to the hygiene concept,” assures Cantz.

He couldn’t say “when and where I got infected,” said the comedian. Numerous users wished him a speedy recovery in the comments. However, individual users also suspect that there could be a possible connection with the start of the carnival. Cantz performed on November 11 at the carnival session on Cologne’s Heumarkt.

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For “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” However, the moderator’s positive findings are unlikely to have any significance. The program, which was broadcast on Thursday evening, had already been recorded some time ago.

Comedy and TV

Cantz is also touring the country as a comedian, just as he has hosted numerous TV programs in recent years. Since 2010 he has been doing “Do you understand fun?” At ARD. At the end of the year, however, he will hand over the moderation of the show, which will then be taken over by Barbara Schöneberger.

Cantz is just one of many celebrities who have now made an infection with the coronavirus public. Just a day before him, his TV colleague Charlotte Würdig had also announced that she was infected. Her two children, whom she had with rapper Sido, from whom she has been separated since the beginning of 2020, are also ill.

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