After being the subject of comments for weight loss, Ana Clara talks about pressure to lose weight

Ana Clara has drawn the attention of her followers and not only because of her talent in charge of attractions at Globo. Since the beginning of the year, fans of the presenter have noticed that she has lost a lot of weight and, therefore, whenever they can, they ask about it.

This Friday (13th) was no different. Ana Clara opened the question box on Instagram to interact with her followers and one of them went straight to the point. “Talk about your weight loss,” she asked.

“I lost a lot of weight, really, it was several kilos, because it made me want to. It was something I always wanted and never managed to do. This time I got it, I’m not sick, nobody forced me”, replied Ana Clara.

Ana Clara tells what she did to lose weight

On another day, in which he also opened a box of questions, a follower wanted to know how Ana Clara managed to lose weight “so fast”. “Guys, this ‘so fast’ kills me, seriously. I know you’ve noticed that I’ve lost a lot of weight, but it obviously took a lot of effort and time”, explained the former BBB.

Ana Clara reflects on singleness

Another subject that they also always talk to Ana Clara about is singleness. Recently, rumors circulated that the presenter would have been involved with the ex-BBB Rodrigo Mussi, months before the accident suffered by the boy.

In an interview with “Pod Delas”, Ana Clara reflected on the status. “I’ve always been single. I’ve never dated. Not now (there’s no time), but I’ve always been a very demanding person. I know I’m hard to be patient.”

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