After being caught kissing, Diego Hypolito posts a photo with the blonde and divides followers. Find out who the young lady is!

Diego Hypolito, 36, took to social media after appearing to warm up the temperature next to a blonde on a beach in Rio de Janeiro. The captures made by a paparazzo moved the web with breathtaking kisses. The former athlete has not been seen with anyone since 2019, when he took up his relationship with lawyer Marcus Duarte.

Busted, Diego and his wife were at a kiosk in Barra. In the photos, Diego, who was even considered for the “BBB”, appeared kissing the blonde, in addition to receiving a lick on his finger. The former gymnast also helped the woman choose bikinis at a street vendor.

On Saturday (18), Diego published a photo with the young woman, in honor of her 19th birthday. In the caption, he wrote: “I love you” in English.

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Diego Hypolito’s publication with the blonde divides opinions on the web

Diego Hypolito came out as gay in 2019, the year in which he also opened up about aesthetic procedures, in an interview with UOL. In it, in addition to saying that he had not talked about sexual orientation before for fear of harming his career, the gymnast also recalled some difficult moments he went through because of orientation.

Diego’s publication with the young woman divided the opinion of Diego’s followers, who asked if he had “put orientation aside”. please note that Diego may have discovered himself as bisexual in the last years. The gymnast has yet to comment on the case.

Who is the blonde with Diego Hypolito?

Rafaela Mesquita is from Rio de Janeiro, graduated in dance and is a dentistry student. The young woman, who turned 19 this Saturday, is a dancer at the Rio Dance Center. On social media, the young woman divides her publications for her more than 7,000 followers between leisure and work with dance.

According to information from the magazine “Quem”, they met at the circus where Diego works and are inseparable friends. Is there something going on now besides friendship?

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