After being accused of humiliating Helena Laureano, Pedro Crispim reacts

In the broadcast last Monday, June 13th, of the program “Passadeira Vermelha”, by SIC, Helena Laureano and Pedro Crispim starred in a conversation that generated a lot of talk on social media (as we tell you here).

The commentators of “Passadeira Vermelha” commented on Helena Costa’s new love when Pedro Crispim launched a “barb”: “I’m zero curious about other people’s lives. I would talk for an hour and a half about myself and fill it in… because I love my life, so the lives of others are of little interest to me, but as this was the role they invited me to play, this is what I have to play”.

“The themes, for me, were just me…”shot Pedro Crispim: “I’m not going to ask about myself because you already put me aside”, replied Helena Laureano.

In a more serious tone, but understood as a joke by Sara Norte and Liliana Campos, Pedro Crispim ends up shooting: “You are not my friend. We met here and here our relationship will die. Someone will have to break the news to you. It’s just that I’ve met a lot of people like you throughout my life, they stayed just because they were colleagues. There are few who manage to enter my heart.” shot Pedro Crispin.

This conversation gave a lot to talk about on social media and many considered that Pedro Crispim humiliated his colleague. On the night of this Tuesday, June 14th, the model reacted to all the controversy.

The drama, the tragedy, the terror! Or did they think I was easy!? “, wrote in the caption of the video that shows the conversation with Helena Laureano.

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