After beating ad: Juana Princess has reconciled with ex

Juana Princess buried the hatchet with her ex. About a month ago, the former DSDS candidate shared a provocative photo on the OnlyFans erotic platform – which her boyfriend at the time didn’t like at all. He then allegedly attacked her and hit her with a purse. Juana ended up in the hospital because of it and reported the incident. But now she suddenly showed up with her ex at a party!

As picture reported, the 36-year-old appeared at an event in Hanover at the weekend, accompanied by her ex-boyfriend – but the two are not a couple. “We’re not together anymore. He has to find his own place by July,” the former Like Me, I’m Famous contestant clarified. Nevertheless, no bad blood flows between them: “He apologized to me and I took back the complaint.”

Juana and her ex-boyfriend were a couple for almost three years. “We met in the summer of 2019 and have spent a lot of time together since then”the party singer told in April last year celebrity flash.

TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

Juana Princess, “Like Me – I’m Famous” contestant

Instagram / juana_princess

Juana Princess, ex-DSDS participant
Juana Princess with her ex-partner Joe

Do you think the two will become even closer in the near future?

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