After assuming submission to her boyfriend, Maíra Cardi wins an unusual bouquet and declares herself. Photos!

Love is in the air! Maíra Cardi has been showing herself more and more in love with her boyfriend, the influencer Thiago Nigro. The two publicly assumed the relationship in early March and have already generated some debates on social networks.

After receiving harsh criticism for publishing a statement revealing being submissive to her partner, Maíra shared on her profile an unusual treat that won on Wednesday (08), International Women’s Day.

In her Instagram Stories, the weight loss coach surprised her fans by showing that Thiago Nigro spared no effort and was very creative in presenting her with a unusual bouquet filled with red flowers and apples. (See photos in the gallery above!)

“What’s that? Creativity! My God! How can I not fall in love, I’ll take it to my house, I’ll never give it back to you! I was received like that, how can I not fall in love MORE every day? Love you forever“, melted Maíra Cardi when filming her boyfriend.

Dating with Maíra Cardi came to light ahead of schedule

After assuming the relationship with Maíra Cardi, Thiago Nigro, better known as ‘Primo Rico’ in the digital environment, made a sincere outburst about the couple’s personal exposure to the news.

According to the influencer, the announcement of the new relationship had to be made earlier than planned after rumors of an alleged betrayal of his ex-wife, Camila Ferreira.

“I was never one to expose and I will continue not to be like that, my business is finance. The biggest criticism I have seen is that we advertise early. I agree. We announced it very quickly, but it wasn’t by choice.. We are getting to know each other, happy, making plans and suddenly articles start to come out”, wrote Thiago Nigro in an excerpt.

And he added: “We find ourselves in a situation that cannot be denied. We do not lie. (…) It was not our intention to hurt anyone, especially the people who lived with us for so long, as is the Camilla’s case”.

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