After appearing in a peculiar state on Instagram, Loana is finally telling the truth about her drug and alcohol use

For the past few weeks, Loana has been very active on Instagram, where she has been posting photos and videos of her that make people react. Close-ups, kitsch filters, incoherent discourse… Loana is freewheeling. Recently, it was a video of her shoving her dog that caused controversy.

And on June 22, a new controversy swept over Loana after the publication ofa strange video. While she was filming on the occasion of the Music Festival (suddenly, the next day), her subscribers were shocked by her video. “Fête de la Musique, a little late, but for the occasion. Celebrate, all year round”, she said happily. Nothing very alarming in his speech, except for one detail: the ex-candidate of “Loft Story” was visibly naked, and according to his subscribers, “destroyed”. Under the video, they set it on fire with very direct, incisive and above all mocking comments. “So on your video lolo nothing goes: firstly there’s no music, secondly you’re naked and damn you’re stoned like a space fox! Is it still possible to help you?”can be cited as an example.

Faced with their violence, the sidekick of Eryl Prayer wanted to answer them. “I just wanted to laugh and no I am neither drugged nor alcoholic”, she began by explaining. Before arguing: “I just wanted to make you laugh instead of the slick pictures they put of me.. And yes, I love having fun.. What’s the harm??”. She then attacked the influencers, who abound on the social network. “You have dozens of girls in tiny thongs touting creams that don’t even work and you call them businesswomen.she launched. I’m not selling anything, just 3 minutes of laughter with my hair covering just enough… And I’m entitled to a lot of insults…”

If under this video there were more insulting than benevolent messages, the latter did not go unnoticed by Loana, who wanted to thank them. “On the other hand, huge kisses to those who understood that it was only a delirium, I adore you”she addressed them.

Laura Bertrand

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