After announcing his HIV status in full broadcast, this star of France 2 launches a terrible alert…

This is a great first in France. Since June 25, 2022, France 2 and Slash viewers have been closely following the first season of the French version of Rupaul’s Drag, the famous show that conquered the United States.

Baptized “Drag Race France”, every Thursday at 8 p.m., the candidates show over the episodes that being a drag queen is not just about wearing make-up and extravagant outfits by offering complete artistic performances… And during the broadcast of the fifth episode of the show, a candidate particularly moved the viewers by lifting the veil on a subject unfortunately still taboo in France … And in particular on television.

In the episode of Thursday July 21, Lolita Banana indeed took the time to tell the other candidates and the jury that she was living with HIV. In the process, via an Instagram post, the drag queen from Mexico then wanted to send a message.

Lolita Banana denounces serophobia

In a post dated July 23, 2022, the drag queen first opened up about her HIV status by pointing out the serophobia of which she was a victim: “I have been living with HIV for just over 10 years. It’s been 10 years since I’ve been undetectable, therefore untransmittable. I often see on dating sites that people keep saying that being negative is being “clean”, as if people like me are dirty. »

And to add: “In 2022 and especially here in France, we live very well with HIV, treatments are more and more effective, but serophobia like transphobia, homophobia and all types of discrimination continue to kill people currently. . My struggle, the struggle of my community, is against all types of discrimination. I am a gay, queer, Latino, immigrant, HIV-positive man and I am very proud of everything that I am.

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