After an “inconvenient” question, Tatiana Boa-Nova gives the follower a “scrape”

Tatiana Boa-Nova is one of the ex-competitors of reality-shows that remains highlighted on social networks, largely due to the empathy she generated (and still generates) in those who saw her on TVI.

However, in a question-and-answer session on social media, Tatiana Boa-Nova was bothered by a question, and left a “scratch” to a follower.

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“Aren’t you thinking about getting pregnant?”, questioned an internet user. Tatiana replied: “Are there no more interesting questions? Why do we all have to be the same?! Have you ever thought that not all of us want to have more than one child? Doesn’t everyone want to have just one child? Not all of them really want to have children?”, start by writing.

“When dating, the question is ‘when do you get married?’ When we get married, the question becomes ‘when is a baby to be?’ After we have children, the question is ‘when is a brother for your child?’ What is the need for these questions?”, added the former competitor.

“Each one knows his life, his goal! I’ve talked about it many times here! I won’t always be answering the same!”, concluded.

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