After all, is it over or not? Jessica Maria reveals (special) message from Gonçalo Quinaz

Gonçalo Quinaz and Jéssica Maria surprised their followers when they announced their relationship after several months of speculation surrounding the relationship.

It would be already inside the “Big Brother” house that the commentator confirmed the relationship and that he declared himself (several times) to his beloved. Always discreet on social media, the couple kept their relationship away from the spotlight. However, this week Gonçalo Quinaz confirmed the end of the relationship during a conversation with Cláudio Ramos and Maria Botelho Moniz, in ‘Two at 10’: “You still break many hearts Gonçalo? Now are you busy or not?”🇧🇷

Gonçalo Quinaz shot: “I think I’ve left more (…) No (I’m not busy). I keep busying myself with my children, with what I really think today is worth it”🇧🇷

Early this Thursday, November 24, Jéssica Maria revealed the gift she received from Gonçalo Quinaz: a bunch of flowers with a message that reads: “… I love you so much… Miss you”. Jessica Maria thanked: “Thanks. Kisses”can be read.

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