After all, how old is Eliana? Understand the confusion around the presenter’s age

Eliana’s birthday is this Tuesday, the 22nd of November, but there is a lack of information regarding how many springs she is celebrating. Anyone who searches for the presenter’s age on Google finds that she was born in 1973 and turns 49 today. Already on social media, the eternal queen of little fingers celebrated the arrival of 50 years.

The confusion regarding Eliana’s true age has lasted for years and has been the subject of much speculation among celebrity columnists. Fabíola Reipert, for example, has already hinted that the presenter was born in 1969. The theory that the blonde lied about her age was also reinforced by Claudete Troiano. “Eliana is 37 years old? That’s it? She’s been the same age for about ten years”, said the then presenter of TV Gazeta, who was accused of having been rude to her colleague.

On the web, there is no shortage of conspiracy theories about Eliana’s age. 🇧🇷In fact, she lied about her age to be part of Patotinha [grupo que ela integrou nos anos 1980]“, pointed out an Internet user. “I remember that once on the Xuxa program she commented that she was 18 and we were the same age”, said a 53-year-old Internet user.


Conspiracy theories aside, the fact is that Eliana claims to have been born in 1972. In an interview with Claudia magazine, published in February, the presenter said that the information that she was born in 1973 was not popularized by her will, but because of an error published in a magazine of great circulation.

“At 28, when I had my 29th birthday, a major celebrity magazine headlined that I would be 28. That is, I kept the same age after the birthday. It was on the cover already! I thought ‘My God, if I speak now, at this moment… And it’s only one year. How is it going to be?’ It was respectful of the edition that was already on the newsstands. Over the years, it passed. it made no difference“, justified.

In the same report, Eliana justified why she finally decided to expose that she had a year more than everyone believed. “I think the issue of age has much more to do with how you feel. But I really want to celebrate my 50th birthday with my audience, with the people who follow me. It’s such a beautiful date that I don’t want it to go unnoticed to celebrate only next year for chronological reasons.“, he declared.


On social networks, Eliana, known for her inspiring feminist speeches, published a video to celebrate her 50th birthday and reinforce the new age as an era of even more self-acceptance and self-love.

“In my 50s, when I wake up, I want to decide whether I’m going to wear makeup or stay clean. This is a choice and never an imposition due to my age or mature skin. I’m going to get ready to go out, choose whether to wear a dress short or long pants, because no one can tell me that I am not old enough for such clothes,” said Elena.

Eliana also reinforced that she will not let her age be an impediment to anything. “In my 50 years, I want to praise the feminine even more, unite myself more with women. We know that together we are stronger. In my 50 years, I will frequent the environments that I feel comfortable, accompanied by the people I feel good about. And if someone comments that it’s not a place for my age, I’ll stay anyway“, he stressed.

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