After Aaron’s death: Nick Carter lets kids cheer him up

Nick Carter (42) is going through a difficult time. Shocking news broke last week that Aaron Carter (✝34) passed away. His older brother found out about it while on a world tour with the Backstreet Boys. Although he after Aarons played a concert after his death, he missed an interview appointment last Friday – apparently because he was on his way to his family. To Aarons death is possible Nick now evidently encouraged by his three children.

On his Instagramaccount, the blond boy has now published a snapshot of him cuddling with his three children Odin (6), saoirse (3) and Pearl indicates. While the celebrity offspring laughs at the camera, Nick about to kiss his youngest daughter’s forehead. “After being away for so long it just feels good to be back with them”, wrote the 42-year-old. Still, the “I Want It That Way” interpreter looked a little melancholy in the picture.

A day after Aaron’s death Nick back on stage last weekend. During the concert, however, the father of three was very emotional and had to fight back tears again and again. However, his bandmates actively supported him and comforted him again and again.

Nick and Aaron Carter in April 2004

Instagram / laurenkittcarter

Nick Carter and his family in April 2022
Nick Carter and his kids in September 2021

Did you think Nick would go back to his family after Aaron’s death?

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