After a night of victory, ‘Pipoca Mais Doce’ goes on a trip and reveals a holiday destination: “Without going through the bed”

Ana Garcia Martins, better known as ‘Pipoca Mais Doce’, was this Sunday, June 12, at the Popular Marches of Lisbon. The influencer was godmother of the Marcha da Madragoa, along with Bruno Cabrerizo, and ended up winning.

The comedian was also very happy with the first place in her march and, through Instagram, she even made a point of sharing with those who follow her the “festivities”, which ended in the morning.

Remember here: “Pipoca Mais Doce” celebrates the victory of (its) Madragoa in the “Marchas de Lisboa”: “We won…”

Hours later, Ana Garcia Martins informed the fans that she went to the Funchal, Madeirawhere it will stay for the next few days.

“From Madragoa to Funchal, without going through the bed. Who runs for pleasure…”she wrote in the caption of the post she made, where she showed up installed in the hotel she chose for her vacation.

The digital influencer also made a request to fans: “So, what about really, really good places to have lunch/dinner in Madeira?”.

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