After a fight over inheritance, Gugu’s daughter talks about her relationship with her brother: "very good"

One of Gugu Liberato’s twin daughters, Marina Liberato made room for followers to send questions in a “truth and lie” game and spoke, among other things, about her relationship with her brother, João Augusto Liberato, 20.

Sofia Liberato’s twin, Marina was asked if “it was true that she and her brother were fighting”. “Lies! We have a very good relationship!”, replied the influencer, confirming that she is all in peace after the family fight with João on account of his father’s inheritance.

Marina further clarified that she and her brother do not live together in the US. “Bullshit! He’s living near his college!”, she even explained in the chat with netizens during the ‘truth or lie’ game.

The fight over the inheritance of Gugu, who died at the age of 60, after a fall at the end of 2019, once again split the presenter’s family, with the cut of relations between the children, who even stopped following each other on social networks. Sofia, Marina’s twin, was out of the “shack” and, at least on Instagram, did not unfollow any of the two – who also followed her sister.

The fight between João and Marina broke out after the girls spoke out against their aunt, Aparecida Liberato, Gugu’s sister, in a video that went viral on the internet. The brother’s inventory, she is the one who controls the money that the teenagers receive – the two complained that they earn a low amount compared to their brother and grandmother, Dona Maria do Céu, and that their aunt did not accept to give an increase in the allowance, which today is from 500 dollars (R$ 2.6 thousand), to 2,500 (R$ 13 thousand). Sofia became a meme for saying she wasn’t happy she couldn’t buy her dream Porsche.

But the dispute went beyond that: João and Sofia and Marina were on opposite sides of the division of Gugu’s inheritance. The presenter left a fortune estimated at R$ 1 billion, much of it in real estate and companies. In his will, he stipulated that 75% of everything go to the children – 25% each – and that the other 25% be divided among the five nephews – 5% each. Gugu left out Rose Miriam Di Matteo, mother of his children.

In November of last year, Marina had already denied the fight with her brother, saying that everything was fine between him. “It’s a lie. We’re not fighting and I spoke to him today”, guaranteed the young woman. Despite the statement, Marina and Sofia did not participate in João’s birthday, also that month, and João celebrated the date only with his mother, Rose Miriam, and his girlfriend.

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