After a dispute with AfD MPs: Why Amani accepts a prison sentence

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After a dispute with AfD MPs
Why Amani accepts a prison sentence

The AfD member of the state parliament Winhart insults migrants. As a result, the entertainer Enissa Amani insults him as an “idiot”. While Winhart gets away with it, Amani has to pay a fine for insulting – and is considering going to jail instead.

TV star Enissa Amani wants to set an example in the fight against racism. For this she is apparently ready to go to prison for 40 days. The background is a legal feud with Andreas Winhart, an AfD member of the Bavarian state parliament. Winhart caused outrage at an election campaign event near Bad Aibling at the end of September 2018 because he made offensive statements about various migrant groups.

“If a n ***** coughs at me in the neighborhood, then I have to know whether he is sick or is he not sick,” said Winhart at the event. He also claimed that refugees were complicit in HIV, scabies and TBC cases in his district. Amani then called him an “idiot” and “bastard” on social media and dedicated an insulting song to him.

The statements only had consequences for Amani. She had to pay a fine of 1,800 euros for insulting Winhart. The politician was also charged several times for sedition after his appearance. However, after an examination at the beginning of 2019, the Traunstein public prosecutor came to the conclusion not to initiate any investigative proceedings against him.

Amani will have to be arrested in December

Amani sees the fact that the Winhart case, unlike her own, was not prosecuted as an injustice. She is now considering refusing to pay the fine, which would mean that she would have to spend 40 days in detention instead. In an interview with the “Stern”, Amani explained why she was ready to accept the deprivation of liberty: “Because I find it very, very sad that he was not prosecuted for inciting, racist statements.” That Winhart get away with impunity is “an absurdity”. She wants to “draw attention” to this.

Amani had her fans discuss on social media whether she should go to jail or pay the fine. The response was split, Amani told the “Frankfurter Rundschau”. Some followers were concerned, others encouraged them. In addition, right-wing extremists maliciously expressed their joy to see Amani in custody.

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The deprivation of liberty is likely to threaten in December if she has not paid, so Amani. How she will ultimately decide is still open. In an interview with the Frankfurter Rundschau, however, she was relatively determined: “But that’s the way it is: I’m not paying for it!” At the same time, Amani stresses that she considers the fine to be justified. “Of course I insulted Andreas Winhart and deserve a fine for it,” Amani told t-online. She was aware that she risked a complaint with her insults.

Amani does not want to challenge her sentence legally. “It is important for me that this matter gets attention,” she said. That is why she decided to have a public debate. She has already received a lot of encouragement for this: “People understand what I mean and they support me because they feel the same feeling of injustice as I do.” On Saturday, Amani thanked her supporters again on Instagram. Soon the summons to begin imprisonment are due. You still want to remain “calm and rational”. At the end of the post, Amani emphasized: “I will NOT pay.”

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