After A Christmas Crush, Beloved Film With Lindsay Lohan Could Get A Sequel

A Christmas Crush is making waves on Netflix, taking Lindsay Lohan back to romantic comedies. Now, it looks like the continuation of a beloved film by the actress could happen, years later.

Jamie Lee Curtis has revealed that there are talks of creating a sequel to Disney’s 2003 film, Freaky Friday.

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In an interview with Variety, Curtis stated that there are no confirmed dates, but “the right people are talking”.

She said she and Lindsay Lohan are committed to the idea, but it’s Disney’s decision to start production. When asked if there were future movies on the horizon, the actress replied, “Let’s just try to make another one.”

Curtis has previously expressed his interest in a sequel to Freaky Friday. The veteran actress even penned a letter to Disney about her enthusiasm for the idea.

At the moment, it’s unclear if any other cast members besides the two would return for a sequel. No story elements or other details have been confirmed.

Comedy is dear to this day

Freaky Friday began as a 1972 novel written by Mary Rodgers. The story has been adapted several times, but the 2003 version, starring Lohan and Curtis, has remained the most popular adaptation over the years.

The narrative follows teenager Anna Coleman and her mother Tess, who argue in a Chinese restaurant and switch bodies after receiving enchanted fortune cookies.

The two characters experience each other’s lives and come to a more empathetic understanding of each other.

There is still no official information about the sequel to Freaky Friday.

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