After 50,000 years the Neanderthal Comet returns to visit us: here’s when and how to see it

All with eyes to heaven. He’s about to pass Neanderthal comet. Return to visit Earth after approx 50 thousand years the celestial body which astronomers have baptized with the name referred to ai our prehistoric “cousins” who lived, and are presumed to have seen the comet at the time. In the coming days, the Neanderthal Comet should pass the threshold that will make it visible to the naked eye.

But locating it in the sky will be more complicated than expected. “The latest images show it slightly fainter than expected, so binoculars are still recommended,” she explained to the news agency.HANDLE Paolo Volpini ofUnion of Italian Amateur Astronomers (Uai). The main advice of astronomers, of course, is to find elevated positions and above all free from light pollution. Comet ZTF (C/2022 E3) will be at its closest distance from the Earth on February 1st at 18.11 Italian time, passing about 42 million kilometers away.

Further advice: take a look towards dawn the next day because on the evening of February 1st there will obviously also be the brightness to disturb the observations. Anyway for the less daring the Virtual Telescope Project has scheduled a live online broadcast on February 2, starting at 5.00 Italian time, while the educational program of the National Institute of Atrophysics (Inaf), EduInaf, in collaboration with the Uai, organizes a live broadcast on the evening of January 30, starting from 21.00. Finally, ça va sans dire, better be an evening/night with good weather, otherwise to see the Neanderthal Comet we will have to wait a few more thousand years.

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