After 33 years: Meri and Kody Brown are officially separated

Kody Brown’s (53) polygamous marriages appear to be falling apart one by one. After Christine Brown (50) first separated from her husband in 2021, just a few months later his second wife Janelle (53) also drew the line. Only Meri (51) and Robyn (44) stayed with their children’s father. But that seems to be a thing of the past now: gave on the net kody and meri After 33 years together, they officially announced their marriage-off.

In a joint statement that the still married couple Instagram published, the 53-year-old and the 51-year-old made their separation official. “After more than a decade of working on our relationship in our own ways, we have made the decision to permanently end our marital connection.”, says the post. However, it is very important to the former lovers that they continue to treat each other and their families with “friendliness and respect”. meri also assured that kody have no animosity towards.

There had already been rumors about a love affair between the reality stars last December. But as it turns out now, the separation news is said to have been based on inaccurate information and was therefore untrue. “In the months since these interviews were taped, kody and I have had many open and honest conversations that have led to our announcement today”assured the All My Women actress.

Instagram / christine_brownsw

Kody Brown with his wives Robyn, Meri, Christine and Janelle

Instagram / therealmeribrown

Kody and his wife Meri Brown

Instagram / therealmeribrown

Meri Brown with husband Kody, daughter Mariah and mom Bonnie

Are you surprised that the two split up?

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