After 2 failed attempts: Dogan’s daughter-in-law cut her nose for the third time

After 2 failed attempts: Dogan’s daughter-in-law cut her nose for the third time

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09 January 2022, 12:00

Ahmed Dogan’s daughter-in-law, Pamela, underwent nose surgery at a clinic in Istanbul. The young mother bragged about her intervention and thanked Dr. Selim Turan for the “wonderful result”.“Sincere thanks to Dr. Selim Turan for the wonderful result and to Suzana Demir for all the other worries during my stay! You are true professionals! ”Wrote Demir Dogan’s wife, who underwent the intervention before the holidays. Shortly afterwards, however, she deleted the photos that Weekend managed to save before they were removed.This is the third operation for the young mother, who gave birth to her second child this spring. The previous two interventions were also unsuccessful and the daughter of the famous football manager Nikolay Zheinov she had a curvature of the nasal septum, which made it very difficult for her to breathe. Separately, she did not like her over-sharpened nose, which was about to disappear. Pamela’s new olfactory organ looks much better, her friends and followers say on social media.“I’m not happy with my septoplasty. I still have my problems. “, complained some time ago Pamela, who finally decided to lie down under the knife once again. Septoplasty is a procedure in which the distorted nasal septum is aligned or reconstructed depending on how severe the distortion is. Silicone plates are placed to keep the nasal septum upright and removed between the seventh and tenth day after surgery. Surgical access in septoplasty is through the nostrils, without leaving scars on the outside of the nose. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and recovery takes several days.Dogan’s daughter-in-law is not worried about the operations because she is already a veteran in the field. In addition to the three nose corrections, the brunette also has silicone in her bust, which she repairs after her first birth. The beauty’s lips are also the work of experienced doctors, but Pamela gave birth to her two children naturally, not through the modern section. Demir Dogan’s wife admits that she likes herself at the moment and does not plan to tune in anymore because she is a fan of natural vision. She wants to have several more children and her plans are to get pregnant again in a year or two.





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