After 10 years: Tobias Dybvad finished with Zulu

For ten years, the comedian Tobias Dybvad has been around various Danish cities, while he has dissected everything that is broadcast on Danish television.

It is now over.

The comedian confirms to BT that the current season will be the last.

“I can confirm that,” it says.

Tobias Dybvad says that the team behind the program ‘Dybvaaaaad!’ have held their last show in Aarhus, where they said thank you and goodbye for the last ten years.

“We had a nice finish. I had the whole team on stage, and it was electrifying and lovely,’ he says.

However, he does not want to say more about the ending, as he believes that the episode speaks for itself.

“I’d rather let the episode do the talking. I had spent time finding the right words, and I have said what I had to say that night.’

Tobias Dybvad also does not want to answer whether it was his own decision to stop the program, or whether it was TV 2 that made the choice to stop the collaboration.

However, he would like to say that he is looking forward to new projects.

“I have some TV projects going on, which I now have to spend more time on. I’ve had a few years when I thought I wouldn’t do that program forever, so now I’m going to start doing completely new things,’ he says.

The program has run for 13 seasons and the last episode is broadcast on Monday on TV 2 Play and TV 2 Zulu.

BT is working on a comment from TV 2 about the running of the programme.

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