Afida Turner back on stage: the star returns where no one expects her!

Watch out, Afida Turner takes out her claws again and this time on the Parisian boards. The daughter-in-law of Tina Turner therefore returns to the footsteps of her beginnings, in this city where she wrote her first texts and took her first steps in the sometimes ruthless world of show business. “It’s a job for sharks anyway. There are only promises, you are used to the maximum and when you need a favor, there is no one left. It is unfortunately a very, very false environment.”, she tells our colleagues from France Sunday.

The singer will perform at the Théâtre de Trévise in the 9th arrondissement of the capital. She will take on the features of Ina Star, a declining artist who finds it increasingly difficult to hide her chaotic private life from her audience. One morning, when she opened the newspaper, she read that she had announced her farewells. She has no memory of it. A denial ? A plot orchestrated by his press officer? By her fake fiancé? By the latter’s lover? The universe of Ina Star and the 90s can be discovered in a play by Baptiste Souriau entitled Requiem for a bitch.

I don’t understand anything at all.”

A few hours before its premiere, Monday January 17, 2022, Afida Turner confided in our colleagues from France Sunday. The opportunity for the tigress to recall that comedy has always been part of her career as an artist. “I did the Cours Florent from my 19 to my 21 years and at the same time, I did some stamps for Canal +, in particular in the cult series “H”. I’ve always loved cinema but it’s above all the contact with the public that I love, whether through cinema or music. I did not invent a profession. Even if the public knew me through a very popular show, I basically had a job.“, she explains.

And at the dawn of getting on the boards, Afida Turner has no time to waste in indulging in picrocholine wars with her detractors: “I shot music videos, I made three albums, I worked for Canal +, they don’t know anything about all that. Even if I spent three weeks in a show to release a clip, where is the problem? The problem is that when you come from a disadvantaged background and you are mixed race, you are not made easy, you are put in boxes. How do you explain that after twenty-two years of career, I still fill concert halls without a record company? I have nothing to prove, I just want to do my job and so far it’s working.

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