“AFHS”: ‘Teresita’ agrees to work as a Gamarra jadora to pay for her son’s education

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“There is room in the background” increasingly interesting with the episodes of its ninth season. This time, ‘Teresita’ (Magdyel Ugaz) had to give up her dream of becoming a well-known model to focus on hard work so she could pay for ‘Richard Wilkinson Jr.”s education.

It turns out that ‘Teresita’ asked her cousin ‘Henrry’ for help to find her a job in her clothing store in Emporio Gamarra. She thought that she was going to become the model for her exclusive catalogue, but the reality was different.

On her first day of work, ‘Teresita’ discovered that her cousin did find her a job, but not as a model, but as a puller and with a minimum salary. The daughter of ‘Don Gilberto’ was disappointed and she did not accept the job offer.

‘Teresita’ was on her way home to Nuevas Lomas, but on the way she thought of her son ‘Richard Wilkinson Jr.’ and she decided to return to the store of her cousin ‘Henrry’ to accept the proposal of becoming a Gamarra snatcher.

As you remember, ‘Richard Wilkinson’, father of ‘Teresita’s’ son, became unemployed and has since disregarded his little one.

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