afghanistan taliban attacked two journalist for covering women protest in kabul

According to the report of Afghanistan’s organization NAI, so far this year, about 30 journalists have been killed in Afghanistan.

After the announcement of the interim government in Afghanistan, the Taliban claimed that this time people will have more freedom than the previous Taliban regime and human rights will also be emphasized. But as soon as the government is formed, the Taliban have started showing their colors. The Taliban is resorting to guns to not allow the voice of the people of Afghanistan to come out and is trying to silence the voice of the media.

According to foreign media reports, journalists covering a demonstration by women in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul on Wednesday were tortured by the Taliban. Two journalists covering women’s protests were detained and beaten to death by the Taliban. A picture of a journalist injured in the assault by Taliban has also surfaced.

Los Angeles Times journalist Marcus Yam has also shared the picture of both the journalists from his Twitter account. In his tweet, he has also identified both the journalists. According to a tweet by Markus Yam, two journalists from the Afghan newspaper Etilatroz, Taki Dariabi and Nemtullah Naqvi, went to Kabul on Wednesday to cover a protest organized by women against the Taliban regime.

While covering the demonstration, Taliban fighters kidnapped the two journalists and took them to their camps. where he was assaulted. During the fight, both the journalists kept pleading to leave, but despite this, they were brutally beaten up. Later, both the journalists were released by the Taliban, after which they somehow escaped from the camp.

According to media reports, four more journalists who covered the women’s protests were also arrested. In which three journalists from Tolo News and one from Euronews were involved. However, later the news of leaving the four people also came to the fore. The four journalists were also vandalized by the Taliban. However, this is not the first time that Taliban fighters have assaulted journalists and social activists after the occupation of Afghanistan.

Even before this, the head of an Afghan radio station was kidnapped and killed by the Taliban. Apart from this, a reporter of Tolo News was also killed by the Taliban. According to the report of NAI, an Afghan organization, so far this year, about 30 journalists have been killed in Afghanistan. Indian journalist Danish Siddiqui has also been killed in an attack by Taliban in Afghanistan. Attacks on journalists continue despite Taliban leaders advocating for press freedom in Afghanistan.

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