afghan women rally in support of taliban: Afghan women rally in support of Taliban in Kabul

The whole world is expressing concern about the condition of women in Afghanistan under the Taliban rule. Meanwhile, new photographs of Afghan women from the capital Kabul have exposed the rights and dignity of women in the Islamic Emirate. These women, covered in burqa from head to toe, are said to be supporters of the Taliban. Black gloves have been worn so that no one can see their hands. Not only this, in other Muslim countries, the eyes of women wearing burqa are kept open, but these women have been kept deprived of this.

Pro-Taliban women gathered at Kabul University
About 300 Afghan women gathered in the lecture room of Kabul University on Saturday. These women, completely covered from head to toe, were holding the Taliban flag in their hands. During this, some women also took oaths of loyalty to the Taliban by addressing from the stage. These women also promised that they would follow the Taliban’s policy of gender segregation with commitment.

Woman standing on stage wearing Taliban school dress
In fact, the woman standing on the podium is wearing a dress implemented by the Taliban. It has been specially made for those women who will go to study in schools, colleges or universities. From the stage, these women and other speakers also spewed a lot of venom against many western countries including America. On such provocative statement of his, the women sitting in front also expressed their support by waving flags.

Taliban Woman 02

Evil of co-education and protesting women
During this, the speakers also criticized the women who had demonstrated vigorously in Kabul a few days ago. These women also praised the Islamic Emirate government of Afghanistan. During this, some women also took to the streets in front of the university. In his hands were posters against co-education. On which it was written that they do not need such a system.

Taliban Woman 03

The condition of women was pathetic even in the old government.
Women’s rights were negligible under the Taliban regime from 1996 to 2001. This time the Taliban have claimed on several occasions that they will give women their due rights according to Sharia. The Taliban even said that women would be able to go to school and take up the job of their choice. However, the Taliban had banned co-education in schools even before the formation of the government.

Afghan Women 01

Afghan women in support of Taliban

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