Aespa test: How much do you know about the members of the group?

Aespa is one of SM Entertainment’s girl groups. With a total of four members and debuting in 2020, the group has achieved various achievements and has stolen the hearts of thousands of fans. If you are also a fan of the group, you will surely want to test your knowledge with this quiz.

Aespa They drew a lot of attention with their debut Black Mamba, to such an extent that they have participated in renowned international festivals such as Coachella. For this reason, if you are a fan of this group of the new generation of K-Pop, you will surely want to measure your knowledge with this test.

Aespa. // Source: Twitter @aespa_official

Made up of Karina, Winter, Ning Ning and Giselle, Aespa has fascinated thousands with its powerful and unique style. Who will also have a comeback soon with Girls. While you wait for her return, you can take this test to find out how much you know about girls.

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Do you know the members of Aespa well? Find out in this quiz

Remember that for this test each answer has a different score. To know your result you must add all the points of your answers. Are you ready?

  • Which members of Aespa are NOT Korean?

A) Karina and Winter (0 points)

B) Karina and Ning Ning (1 point)

C) Ning Ning and Giselle (2 points)

  • Who are the members who released their first OST?

A) Winter and Ning Ning. (2 points)

B) Winter and Giselle. (1 point)

C) Giselle and Karina. (0 points)

  • What are the symbols of the members?

A) Heart, Moon, Star and Butterfly. (2 points)

B) Sun, Snow, Arrow, X. (0 points)

C) Heart, Star, Sun and Snow. (1 point)

  • What animals represent each member?

A) Karina: Whale, Giselle: Unicorn, Winter: Siberian Husky, Ning Ning: Tiger (2 points)

B) Karina: Dolphin, Giselle: Unicorn, Winter: Golden Retriever, Ning Ning: Tiger. (1 point)

C) Karina: Dolphin, Giselle: Dragon, Winter: Golden Retriever, Ning Ning: Leopard. (0 points)


  • You still don’t know much about the group. (0 to 2 points)

Maybe you’ve just started in the fandom and there’s nothing wrong with that. Little by little you will begin to discover more about each member and you will end up completely in love with all of them.

  • You know enough but you still lack a little. (3 to 5 points)

You are definitely on your way to becoming a huge fan. Keep it up and you will become the number 1 fan. Cheer up!

  • You are a big fan. (6 to 8 points)

There is no one who knows more about Aespa than you. Without a doubt, you really like the group and you know everything about its members. Who is your favourite?

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