Advisor Aha: How to take care of a guinea pig at home!

Are you faced with the question of what kind of pet to buy for your child or grandchild? Do you think that caring for a dog and a cat is too big a commitment, so you are thinking about a smaller animal friend? What do you say to guinea pigs? He is cheerful, playful, smart, obedient and friendly …

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The drinking regime is clear, as is the hay you must receive every day. Occasionally, offer guinea pigs vegetables or fruits, but to a small extent. You can diversify your diet with dry bread (bread, croissant) or a mixture intended for rodents. The guinea pig needs to constantly grind its teeth (just like a rabbit), so hay is the best choice. During its processing, the guinea pig moves the muzzle to the side and makes an eight-shaped movement. This causes the chairs to be sanded correctly. The water must be changed every day.

Rodent in summer

  • As soon as the thermometer’s mercury starts to fly up during the summer, you should think of your animal friend! The heat is a great enemy of the guinea pigs. Therefore, do not let them out around noon, rather in the afternoon and evening. If he is used to “walking outside”, place a paddock somewhere in the shade. And if it’s really a steamer, soak their fur a little with cold water.
  • Another trap can be ants in the summer. They are uncomfortable for guinea pigs and remember that they also hurt when they pinch their paws. Give them a cold compress to pinch.
  • And thirdly, think of a sufficient supply of cold water on hot days. As with humans, there is a risk of dehydration.

Little house

Guinea pigs are most often kept in a cage or in a terrarium, or you can also choose a wooden pen, which is designed for rabbits. Anyway, he needs to have a booth inside – a house where he can hide. Choose shavings, sawdust or straw as bedding. Don’t forget to get a new animal friend and a bowl of food.

Pet at home …

  • Expect guinea pigs to live for 4-6 years.
  • They are not vaccinated because they do not suffer from any classic viral diseases.
  • He may develop skin parasites – lice or mites. You can tell by the fact that the guinea pig is scratched or constantly scratched.
  • If you don’t want your guinea pig to bother you, make him another friend. They are very communicative and they need to. He himself would be sad and worried.
  • Unlike the hamster and the chinchilla, the guinea pig is a diurnal creature.
  • It is peaceful and therefore suitable for small children.
  • Take into account that rodents have a specific odor, and even if you pay attention to cleanliness, it is certain that you will sometimes “feel” the guinea pig.

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