Advent Calendars: Brands, themes, unusual concepts … Choose your little darling from our selection!

If for thousands of years (we exaggerate a little), the Advent Calendar has been synonymous with chocolate, for a few years now, other themes have entered the market. Yes, Kinder, Milka, Champs Élysées, Pierre Hermé or even Lenôtre no longer have a monopoly on Advent Calendars. Now, fans of this concept to “wait for Christmas” have the choice! Precisely, to make your choice, Public decrypts you some original ideas of small boxes to open before December 24!

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The chocolate calendar

Basic. But still very much appreciated. The Advent Calendar filled with chocolates is, and will remain, a must-have. And for good reason, if for a long time supermarkets had a bit of a monopoly on the sale of this kind of calendars, especially those decorated with cartoon characters, now the competition has increased. To the delight of gourmets. Indeed, more and more chocolate makers recognized around the world are starting to create their own Advent Calendar. To the delight of our taste buds.

The one filled with cheese

Because being French and not eating cheese is a bit of a crime… major cheese brands, like producers, have jumped on the Advent Calendars trend to create their own. Imagine, every evening, you discover a new little cheese that is flowing, smooth, colorful … to taste by opening your case. We have mouth watering… and the nose in emulsion!

For a naughty Christmas

Because after a good tasting of cheese in the Advent Calendar of Monsieur, Madame, she prefers to open her box number 7 of her erotic calendar. Yes, no more taboos! In a relationship, in open relationship, single or to conquer a beautiful stallion every weekend, whatever, you have the right to your naughty calendar. Which you ultimately consider to be a fun Christmas present from you to you. It must be said that, giving yourself a gift, which contains 12 other gifts, to give yourself a gift to your body and mind (you follow?), It’s still great!

Daily beauty care

Beauty is priceless. And that, the brands of cosmetics and perfumes have understood it well. Having become a Christmas staple, the Special Beauty Advent Calendars are still a hit. Luxury brands, everyday, makeup, perfumes or hair products, there is something for everyone! No doubt you will find your happiness.

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For sports fans

Fans of fitness and healthy food are also entitled to their little daily surprises. With the new confinement and post-confinement trend, the fit girl and boy have become the big stars of social networks. And to ride the wave of the healthy routine, many brands have developed in healthy food products and sports accessories and therefore exclusively offer 2021 Advent Calendars especially for athletes. Doesn’t that make you want to take up sports?

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