Adrien Dolimont replaces Jean-Luc Crucke as Walloon Budget Minister: follow the MR press conference live

Adrien Dolimont, 33, is expected to succeed Jean-Luc Crucke as Walloon Budget Minister. According to our sources, its designation is no longer in doubt. The official designation is scheduled during a press conference at the MR headquarters at 10:30 am.

Follow the press conference live

> 8.45am: according to our information, Adrien Dolimont will replace Jean-Luc Crucke as Minister of the Budget

> 10:30 am: the press conference must start at the party headquarters

Who is Adrien Dolimont?

If Dolimont is unknown to the general public, this appointment does not constitute a huge surprise in the carolo region. We also mentioned this possibility in our columns this Tuesday morning. The man has been cradled in politics since childhood. His maternal grandfather was a local elected official for many years, and even wore the mayoral scarf for a few months.

The main person concerned is described by everyone as someone who is brilliant and promising. A graduate of Polytech in Mons, where he even obtained a doctorate, he launched his own company as an independent in the process. In parallel, he was very quickly after his majority was elected in Ham-sur-Heure / Nalinnes to successively occupy the roles of first alderman and president of CPAS.

Before the last municipal elections, he had even been designated by MR militants as local leader, in the face and beard of the irremovable mayor Yves Binon. He then agreed to cede the head of the list to the latter, on condition that the term of office be divided into two: four years of mayorate for Binon, two for Dolimont. A deal accepted by everyone, to which the mayor returned once elected.

As we headed towards a war between the two men in the coming months, today’s decision resolves the problem.

A campaign for Bouchez

As already mentioned, several clues had suggested this choice. In the 2019 regional elections, placed third on the MR list, he won 5,630 votes. More than the second Rachel Sobry, but the devolving effect of the leading box had been fatal, while the MR had won only two seats in the constituency of Charleroi / Thuin. Adrien Dolimont therefore ticked all the boxes wanted by the president of the MR Georges-Louis Bouchez: a young, promising figure, already having a big local base, to emerge.

The story between the two men also does not date from today. In the carolo region, Adrien Dolimont was one of the few to campaign for Bouchez against Ducarme, the local of the stage, during the internal election for the presidency of the MR. Some then clearly saw Bouchez send him back the elevator with the post of senator that the neo-president had promised to leave. But since he kept his seat …

In addition, Bouchez also strikes strategically with this blow. He launches a young and promising figure in a region where the PS had done the same with… Thomas Dermine recently. And he pacifies one of the most marked “MR” Communes of Hainaut.

Of course, we will have to see the reaction of Denis Ducarme, who once again sees the position pass under his nose, for the benefit of someone from his own constituency. This Monday, some spoke of internal nuclear war if the scenario came true.

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