Adriano Pacifico found by Polfer in Ventimiglia. "I didn’t know they were looking for me"

Modena, 26 July 2022 – Adriano Pacifico32 years old from Bastiglia (Modena), who had moved away during the Santiago’s walk, was tracked down to Ventimiglia station from Polfer. Man was bike party last June to undertake the path of faith but he had stopped giving his news to the family fromJuly 11.

The young man had left by bike for the Camino de Santiago

The mother: “He didn’t know we were looking for him”

“I am just waiting to hug my son again, only after will I really be able to say that this nightmare is over”. Grace Mansueto speaks in a low and moved voice (look at the video). She is counting the hours that separate her from seeing Adriano Pacifico again. This morning around 12 she contacted me Polfer di Ventimiglia – says the mother -. They told me that they had found Adriano who was fine they had fed him and he had also been visited. Then I finally got to talk to him, after two very long weeks of silence. She explained that to me he didn’t know we were looking for him, he was unaware of everything. You have taken this path for a his spiritual path of Faith, but then for a number of personal reasons he decided to return to Italy. I know my son and even if he did not arrive in Santiago what he did is equivalent to having accomplished twice the same Way. Now I’m just waiting to be able to hug him again and talk to him looking in the eyes. We have so many things to tell each other “.

The sister: “I’m still incredulous”

“Since my mother warned me this morning I am still incredulous. Now they are finally together, but I have not seen him yet and I am happy and excited at the same time”, added the sister, Jessica.

The clues

One had been formalized by family members in recent days missing person report which then had been retreat from the same motheronce recognized the son’s signature on a register of a hostel in the south of France, where he had been spotted a few days ago. Then, the good news this morning, when the men of the Railway Police and Ventimiglia, and iThe thirty-two was in good physical condition and he got in contact with his family. He’s on his way home.

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