Adixia (LMvsMonde6) in lingerie, this photo makes people react

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After Laura Lempika who made Internet users react by posting a photo of her in a sexy dress, it’s Adixia’s turn to talk … It turns out that on her Instagram account, the young woman posted a photo of herself in lingerie. A cliché that therefore made Internet users react, many of whom liked it. On the side of the comments, it is essentially a shower of compliments that the candidate of Marseillais vs the rest of the world 6 has received. And you will be able to see it, a little further down in this article, where are the few comments that we have selected. The photo of Adixia is also to discover.

“Really very beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ (…) A bomb (…) Beautiful my Adixia as always ❤️ (…) Sublime as always (…) You are really too beautiful, too charming, too attractive and too sexy ❤️ (…) You are beautiful as always ❤️ “, we could read among the many reactions of Internet users.

And this photo was also liked by Simon Castaldi, Laura Lempika, Maddy and Milla Jasmine! Once again, Adixia has managed to charm almost everyone on Instagram … not all Internet users, since some have found it a bit too intimate as a cliché. In addition, know that Internet users have also commented on the last Instagram photo of Carla Moreau which is physically transformed.

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