Adixia and Simon soon to be parents? They answer cash


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Credit: Instagram simoncastaldi

Adixia and Simon Castaldi will they become parents? We’ll let you find out just over here.

Yesterday evening on the set of Do not touch My TV, Benjamin Castaldi announced great news: he will become a grandfather! The columnist said: “It’s good news. I’m going to be a grandpa! (…) It’s scheduled for July. We don’t know the sex yet (…) I’m very happy. They are both very cute. At the time, I took a little blow anyway … I’m going to be a grandfather. So inevitably, I think of my father. And he is going to become a great-grandfather! “. Internet users then wondered if it was Simon who was going to be a dad. But during these revelations, Benjamin Castaldi let it be known that it concerned his “grandson”… That is to say, Julien!

Adixia and Simon – Credit (s): Instagram simoncastaldi

For his part, Simon also wanted to clarify things. For this, he spoke on his Instagram account. On his story, he published the ultrasound of the baby and he writes: “No, Adixia is not pregnant lol. Congratulations my loves ❤️”. A story on which he identified his brother and his sister-in-law. If it is not yet now that Simon is going to become a dad, he will soon be an uncle. And we think he is rather impatient to take on this new role!

Adixia and Simon, a story that no one saw coming

If in Objective Rest of the World, Adixia and Simon were not calculating too much, things have changed in Marseille vs the rest of the world 6… It must be said that their two ex got into a relationship! So they got closer too …. But at the beginning, they assume that they were simple sex friends. And it was after the shooting of the show made in W9 that they fell in love with each other. Today, they live together and have the perfect love. And having a child is part of their future plans … But it is not yet the time for the two lovebirds who do not feel completely ready to become parents.

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