Adeyemi, the Karim of the future

Without dithering, Borussia Dortmund went for Karim Adeyemi to replace Erling Haaland numerically this summer. the prospect German, hunter and record breaker, seems to be the ideal choice to take up the burning torch of the icy Norwegian. In the same vein, his return across the Rhine follows a logical framework, and constitutes a major turning point in his ascent to the heights of success.

They say misfortune never comes alone. Nor is an opportunity. Erling Haaland freshly transferred to Manchester City against a check for 60 potatoes, Borussia Dortmund reinvested half of the sum at lightning speed to co-opt his replacement: the rocket Karim Adeyemi, with a five-year contract at stake. The 20-year-old Bavarian, thanked by Bayern following behavioral problems in his youth, thus leaves the Red Bull factory, Salzburg version, for the Ruhr, following exactly the same path as the Norwegian cyborg. For a similar achievement, before doubling its market value and getting all the way up there?

Agent provocateur, on familiar ground

His first slices of life, in the Austrian Bundesliga, quickly caught the eye of European Gullivers. But the BvB, which expects – as for Haaland – an express adaptation of the wunderkind and neo-German international, seems to be the ideal club for Adeyemi to explode there as a stats machine, driven by a desire for revenge after his misadventure in Munich. Although the problems of Schwarzgelben abound from a defensive point of view and that the first construction site is at this level, the fairly recurrent absences for injury of Erling Haaland have often led to slumps on the front of the attack. Most often aligned in a two-point system in Salzburg and much smaller format than the son of Alf-Inge, Karim Adeyemi could force the hand of Marco Rose (follower of 4-2-3-1 and 4-3 -3), which also has another space swallower: Donyell Malen, already used during his PSV years to play in front with another scorer. Because if Adeyemi has all the attributes of a supersonic winger and looks like a torpedo splitting the waters, he also excels with his back to goal and has adjusted his finish to approach the standards of a formidable striker (12 goals more in the league this season, i.e. 19 against 7, compared to the 2020-2021 season).

In the Champions League, the Germain of Romanian-Nigerian origin also showed up with the RBS. With his three pawns registered in the group stage and his small assist, he made his way to the top 15 of the most decisive players, before the knockout stages. His penalties obtained against Sevilla or Lille, thanks to an optimal speed of execution and body play, highlight his “Sterling side”, indefensible in the area, provocative at will. In this little game, the BuLi being cut for morfals fond of fast games of its kind, it’s hard to imagine Adeyemi crashing in style.


Among the kings of expected goals (0.65) and expected assists (0.25) in Europe over the past year, at the level of Kylian Mbappé in this register, we can imagine him maintaining this level and converting his ammunition ever more despite the competitive gap between Austria and Austria. Germany. Let’s say it, Borussia Dortmund has not really competed with Bayern for three seasons and is content to stay at a good distance, without leaving the podium. The loss of Erling Haaland, if not or badly compensated, could even threaten, in the long term, his place in the top 4, as the BvB seems to have fallen into line on many levels.

The challenge for Karim Adeyemi is daunting, but one wonders what can really worry this record hunter with a youthful appearance. First German born after 2000 to score for the Nationalmannschaft (against Armenia last September), youngest scorer in selection A since Mario Götze in 2011, youngest German to score twice in the Champions League since Thomas Müller, second top German scorer in the Champions League before his 21 years behind Lars Ricken… the tone is set, before turning yellow and black.

By Alexander Lazar

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