Adele: Your long-awaited album “30” is now available on all digital platforms

Six years after the last hit on his exploration of heartache and loss, the powerful voice of Adele he is back this time in the service of the emotional torture and catharsis that his divorce brought him.

In line with her three previous albums, the British artist in her new and long-awaited album “30”, which is now available on all digital platforms, delves into the pain of the heart with his powerful and broken voice accompanied by the piano that he has become a house brand.

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The first song on the album, “Easy On Me,” has been at number one on the US and UK charts since it came out four weeks ago, demonstrating Adele’s resilience into a hit-making machine.

After years of personal and musical silence, his new work challenges the current standards of pop that makes quick hits with the help of the internet and ubiquitous exposure on social media.

It was enough that Adele broke her silence this fall to set the publicity machine in motion: covers in Vogue and Rolling Stone magazines, along with an interview with the queen of American entertainment programs, Oprah Winfrey, accompanied by a televised concert. watched by more than 10 million people, so that his fans eagerly await his latest work.

In the time since she won 15 Grammys with her latest album “25,” which featured the hit “Hello,” her relationship of nearly a decade, including two years of marriage, with Simon Konecki has ended.

The artist has been inspired by the traumatic period of the rupture to compose “30”, It reflects the implications it has had both in his own life and in Angelo, the nine-year-old son he has with Konecki.

“When I was writing the album there were moments when I said to myself: ‘this is maybe a little too private, maybe I’m showing myself a little too much”, dijo a Winfrey.

“But nothing is as scary as what I have experienced in the last two or three years indoors. So I don’t care what people might know. “

– “I want to live” –

Although the twelve songs on “30” describe Adele’s recurring themes, such as melancholy, spite and loneliness, it has nothing to do with her previous works.

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The 33-year-old megastar’s new album combines her classics accompanied by piano with new forays into Motown and reggae, Afrobeat and dance music.

The polished lyrics sung in that deep, volcanic voice make a profound change in “30”.

“They say you have to play hard, work hard, find a balance in sacrifice,” He sings in “I Drink Wine,” a song that has traveled through the rhythms since the 1970s to the gospel background choirs in a kind of meditation on self-acceptance.

“I don’t know anyone who is really satisfied.”

In “Love In The Dark” he says that “I want to live and not just survive.”

“I’ve really felt this way”He told Winfrey. “But when I told my friends, who were convinced that I was really happy, that I was unhappy, their jaws dropped. So I thought, ‘but what am I doing? What do I do to change it? ‘”

Some “30” songs, he told Vogue, were a way of processing answers to big questions his son had about his parents’ separation, things that are hard “for a nine-year-old to understand.”

“My little love” is a song dedicated to your son, which also includes bits of conversation recorded with Angelo. “I see your eyes, opening like an ocean / when you look at me / so full of emotions.”

The Londoner, who now lives in Los Angeles, is a rare case in today’s music industry, with its wide range of fans, who listen to traditional radio and buy CDs and at the same time, hundreds of millions more listen to her work. in stream.

Everything seems to indicate that his new album is going to be another commercial success.

But no matter what she sells, Adele assures her that it is a work that is very dear to her.

“This album is very special to me, so I like it”he told Vogue.

“I always say that ’21 ′ no longer belongs to me”he said about his second album. “Each one appropriated it in their hearts. I’m not going to let this one go. This is my album. I want to share it with everyone ”.


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