Adele: That’s how the singer has changed

So the singer has changed

Adele is back with new music and a new “me”.

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Adele has made a crazy change. She reported back with new music and astonished with a new, 45 kilos lighter “I”.

The world was amazed when the first pictures of a barely recognizable Adele (33) appeared in the media at the beginning of 2020. British newspapers wrote of a whopping 45 kilograms that the singer, who is celebrated for her curves, had lost. For her birthday on May 5th, she surprised her Instagram followers with a photo of the new old Adele.

Chrissy Teigen does not recognize Adele

A full-body photo shows her slim in an elegant black mini dress and matching pumps, her blonde hair styled to a loose side parting. The singer stands in the midst of a wreath of bright roses and smiles all over her face. Adele cannot really be recognized in the picture. That also seemed to be the case with US model Chrissy Teigen (35). She commented: “You are probably kidding me”.

“I could only bring half of myself”

No, because the singer’s transformation really took place. With her hosting debut on the US entertainment show “Saturday Night Live” in October 2020 Adele showed her new “I” for the first time on television. With a black outfit, elegant hairstyle and lots of charisma and wit, she led through the show. She greeted studio guests and television audiences with the words: “I know, I look really, really different since you last saw me. But due to the corona measures and travel restrictions, I had to travel alone and could only bring half of myself with me . And that’s the half that I chose. “

She turned down lucrative advertising deals

It was only a matter of time before the lucrative advertising deals for diet and nutrition fluttered into the adelsche home. However, the singer did not want to make a profit from her weight loss, as the British tabloid “The Sun” reported. She is said to have rejected advertising contracts worth 40 million pounds (around 55 million euros). These included contracts for diet plans, groceries, vegetarian lifestyle packages, cookbooks, exercise videos and even catwalk jobs.

That is behind her blatant transformation

The reason Adele started exercising back then was to fight anxiety. In an interview with the British “Vogue” she said: “It was never about losing weight. It was always about getting strong.” After that she became “quite addicted”: “I train two or three times a day.”

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The blatant change did not resonate with everyone. For the many pounds lost, Adele received a lot of criticism. Something that her personal trainer Pete Geracimo, who trained Adele for a long time in her homeland of Great Britain, could no longer watch. On Instagram, he defended Adele: “It’s discouraging to read negative comments and allegations” that would question the authenticity of Adele’s “amazing weight loss”. He had accompanied the artist “through many ups and downs” and therefore knew exactly what was behind her acceptance. Her goal was to “get well”.

Adele swims on the wave of musical success

Aside from praise and criticism, Adele is on a wave of success today. Her album “30” will be released on November 19th – after a six-year musical break. Fans and critics alike were enthusiastic about the song “Easy on Me”, the forerunner of the album. Within a few hours, over 18 million people clicked on the video. It remains to be seen what will surprise Adele with next.


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