Adele borrows nearly R$200 million to buy mansion in Beverly Hills

Adele needed to take out a millionaire loan to finance his newest mansion in Beverly Hills, California. The information was released this Thursday (04/08) by two sources: the “Daily Mail” it’s the “New York Post”.

According to the press, the English singer took out a mortgage worth US$ 37.7 million (R$ 196 million in current exchange rates) to finance a mansion bought by her for the trifle of US$ 58 million (R$ 302 million in current value); the transaction was made in February. Adele’s loan was approved at City Nacional Bank in January.

The mansion acquired by the celebrity belonged to none other than Sylvester Stallone. According to the websites, Adele must pay installments of US$ 200 thousand (R$ 1.04 million) and has a term of 30 years to finish paying off the debt. “The borrower promised to repay this debt in regular periodic payments and pay the debt in full by March 1, 2052,” reads the deed obtained by the Daily Mail.

The United States often uses the acquired property itself as collateral for debt repayment. During this period, the deed stays with the bank until full discharge. However, money shouldn’t be an issue for Adele: she is expected to make around $1 million (£5.2 million) per show she will play in Las Vegas starting in November.

Adele in front of the mansion in California – Photo: Instagram @adele

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